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UNFPA Corporate Identity

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, is the world's largest organization committed to improving reproductive health and reducing maternal mortality

Based on extensive research on four continents, RDA developed a comprehensive rebranding program for UNFPA.

The program includes the visual identity, brand architecture, publications, signage, packaging, campaigns, and website. It was launched simultaneously in UNFPA offices in over 160 countries, and supported by training sessions for staff and key outside partners.

The year after the program's launch, UNFPA recorded the highest number of donors in its history.

RDA has since created annual advocacy campaigns in multiple languages, and has organized and designed UNFPA-branded exhibitions at the UN's NY gallery and other international venues. Regular addenda have kept the brand up to date with developments in media and communication strategies.

All these projects have creatively communicated various aspects of UNFPA's message: gender equality, universal access to services and education, and responsible management of the environment.