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Studio Vulkan: Exhibition at the Palazzo Mora, Venice Biennale 2016

RDA has conceptualized and designed the exhibition for Vulkan Lab at the Venice Biennale. Poetic Infrastructure is a meditation on the visual potential of a 300m sound barrier wall in Zurich made of etched-glass panels. "Reflected light casts and juxtaposes imagery onto the glass panels like an ephemeral moving painting. Each moment displays a new combination of clors. textures and movements" - Studio Vulkan.

The result is a mosaic of highly colorful, often blurry images that were produced for this exhibition, along with video from filmaker, Samuel Perriard. The project was led by Studio Vulkan partner, Robin Winogrond.

The exhibition is on view at Palazzo Mora as of May 27 2016.

Z├╝rich-based Vulkan, one of Switzerland's leading landscape architecture firms, has commissioned RDA to articulate an identity, mission and communicative interfaces of their new research & development arm, Vulkan Lab.

Studio Vulkan Project Team:
Robin Winogrond
Lukas Schweingruber
Daniela Valentini
Simon Enemaerke

Exhibition Design:
Margot Perman
Robin Winogrond
Helen Yu
Samuel Perriard